Hotel Con Corazón

BeneKids provides loans to Hotel Con Corazón. This Dutch foundation builds hotels and invests 75% of its profits into supporting children's education in Central America.  BeneKids supports all their expansion projects to invest in the support and development of the education of the students, to ultimately improve the well-being of local communities.  As a Charity Foundation, BeneKids raises money by organizing events, receiving donations, and attracting sponsors.

Update Hotel Con Corazón end of October 2022:

The good news in Mexico: they are expanding the hotel and building new rooms! The hotel is reaching high occupancy rates. Unfortunately, in Nicaragua, the hotel is not doing as great. Nationalization is causing a burden and the government is not helping along. There are hardly any flights that go into Nicaragua. But, there is good news: the building process of the hotel in Costa Rica is in full effect! The land has been purchased and they are now busy making the designs for the hotel.

Update Hotel Con Corazón end of October 2021:

According to Marcel Zuidhof, one of the founders of Hotel Con Corazón, their hotel in Mexico is doing better, compared to the beginning of the pandemic. Currently, this hotel has around 65% occupancy. From November onwards they expect an occupancy of 75%, which means that they are able again to fund their education projects in Mexico. However, their business in Nicaragua is unfortunately a different story. Due to US airline restrictions and political disruptions, the occupancy is very low.

Furthermore, there are positive news regarding the hotel development in Costa Rica! They expect to buy a piece of land in the upcoming months, which means that they will be able to start the construction of their new hotel soon!

Amazing news which offer us new perspectives for our charity organization!

Update Hotel Con Corazón end of May 2021:

May was an uplifting month for Hotel con Corazón in Oaxaca. The occupancy is steadily increasing and resulted in a rate of nearly 60% for this month. Many reservations come in last minute from local weekend travelers. It seems that the situation in Mexico is going in a good direction, and the founders hope to start recruiting students for scholarships again for the upcoming school year. In Nicaragua however, tourism is still far away from normal and the combination of COVID-19 and the upcoming elections make the situation for Hotel con Corazón in Nicaragua even harder.

Update Hotel Con Corazón end of February 2021:

The hotel status is still the same as in January 2021. However, the tutoring program in Oaxaca has started again and the students are well looked after with home visits and regular video calls with both the parents and the students. Sadly, the learning center in which the students can be personally supported and learn together offline is still closed until further notice.  

Update Hotel Con Corazón January 2021:

The occupancy levels at the hotel in Oaxaca, México have slightly increased, and we are very happy to announce that the staff there can be paid 100% salary again. Of course, the occupancy levels are far from what they used to be, and they expect that this will at least last till Summer 2021. Unfortunately, in Granada, Nicaragua it is way worse, most of the staff is now on leave and due to loss in domestic traveling the hotel has almost no guests. Tutoring has also been put on hold for now. This means any help that can be offered, is more important than ever. 

Update Hotel Con Corazon May 2020:

Times are difficult. The doors of both hotels are still closed. Luckily they have enough funds to continue the support of students that are currently relying on the scholarship that Hotel Con Corazon is providing them. In Granada, the situation is a bit more complicated since the hotel had to deal with the political unrest in Nicaragua. Until now, they managed to support most of their employees.  

Update Hotel Con Corazón June 2018

We are very excited to announce that a brand new hotel has been opened in Oaxaca, Mexico! After more than a year of construction, the hotel started the full operation at the end of June 2018.

Hotel con Corazón Oaxaca is not your average hotel. It is a hotel with a heart, a message and a cause. When you stay with Hotel con Corazón, you help create a brighter future for the children of Oaxaca because their profits are invested in local education. Hotel con Corazón in Oaxaca is of small scale, offering a personal touch and a high level of coziness while providing excellent service. The hotel offers 14 comfortable rooms and numerous common spaces to relax, work or chat. It’s the perfect place to return to after a long day exploring unforgettable Oaxaca.

Interesting Fact:

The name Hotel Con Corazón means “hotels with a heart”. Sleeping in one of these hotels, not only provides you with an unforgettable experience but also gives the children in Central America a real chance in life.  


At the moment BeneKids has two ambassadors, that help with organizing events and creating a bigger reach with marketing. Of course, BeneKids also needs extra hands during events and that is where WE NEED YOU! Are you interested in gaining more experience in organizing and working at events? Do you want to create a bigger network whilst also helping children in Mid-America to a better education?  

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