Past Events

    5-5-5 Challenge

    The start of Board Festen's year unfortunately came with a big Lockdown. In order to still find a way raise money, BeneKids thought of initiating the 5-5-5 challenge. This challenge already was a big hit in the beginning of corona, with the goal of running 5KM, donating €5 to charity and then nominating 5 other people to do the same. With the help of Instagram we sent this post around and many poeple participated, eventually leading to €145 in donations!


    On June 22, 2022, the annual AFICA-G Event took place. AFICA-G is an event where all sororities and fraternities of Student Association Comitas raffle prizes in the Soos to raise money for BeneKids.

    Examples of prizes were: a Boat Tour through Amsterdam, Dinner at OTEMBA and Pizza Project, Festival Tickets, a Wine Tasting class, Tickets to Heineken Experience, Ozarro Sunglasses and a stay at Victoria Hotel

    We are very thankful to everybody who participated in the raffle, and a special thank you to all sororities and fraternities! Altogether, with the sale of the raffle tickets, we were able to raise an amazing amount of €817 for BeneKids, which goes straight to the education of children in Central America.

    CHIN CHIN Festival

    Wow, what an amazing experience! BeneKids had the opportunity to sell food out of a Food Truck at the Chin Chin Festival.

    We are so very thankful for our sponsors for supplying us with all the ingredients necessary to execute this event. Because of them, we were able to have 0 costs of sales, making all food revenue go straight to charity!! With our sales, we were able to raise an amount of €2360 for BeneKids!!

    Thank you to: Future Farm, Kesbeke, La Contessa Amsterdam, QV Wine Bar, Ninh Binh Streetfood and Oliehoorn. Also a big thanks to chef Danny Kaldenberg for helping us create the perfect hotdog. Streats Hotelschool The Hague for letting us use the beautiful food truck. Instructor Mr. Koestal for guiding us along the way and helping execute this amazing day. Chin Chin Festival organization for having faith in us to be a part of their team and for this great festival, happy guests and perfect atmosphere.

    BBQ Electronik

    Another annual event in collaboration with S.A. Comitas is BBQ Electronik. This BBQ is meant for new students to get familiar with eachother and with the association. It is also an opportunity for students that have returned from summer break to catch up. During BBQ Electronik, all profit from the ticket sales goes to BeneKids.

    This year, BeneKids was able to raise an amazing amount of almost €2000!

    Dam to Dam Run

    On September 18th, BeneKids hosted a team of around 30 people to participate in the Dam to Dam run!

    The “Dam tot Dam” is a 16,1 km path from Amsterdam to Zaandam. It is the largest running event in the Netherlands and about 40000 people run along each year.

    Our runners were able to raise around €6000 for BeneKids and finished the run in incredible times! Although this year the event took place on an extremely rainy day, the runners were full of enthusiasm.

    Lustrum Family Day Lottery

    On November 19th, the Family Day of the 4th Lustrum of S.A. Comitas took place. Around 900 students and family members joined this beautiful event with lots of live music and great food.

    By buying a lottery ticket, people were automatically able to win one of the amazing prizes that various companies have gifted us. Because of their generosity, 100% of the lottery ticket sales went straight to BeneKids!

    Thank you to Bar Dó, Vessel, La Contessa, Ceppi's, Brouwerij t 'ij, Wijck., Chateau Amsterdam, Tapas Theater, Heineken Experience, QV Wine Bar, Vinites, EMS Health Studio, Zheraa al Gizzi, Feest van Joop, Sage Appliances, Amacon the Amazing Company and Novanta 90 for sponsoring BeneKids with great prizes to raffle on this event.

    Congratulations to the 19 lucky winners that went home with a great prize. We hope you enjoy your visit/item of the lovely companies that have helped us raise money for the education of children in Central America.

    With the sale of the lottery tickets, BeneKids was able to raise an incredible amount of €2394!

    Valentines Surprise

    On the 14th of February Board Bosman delivered Valentine packages to Comitas members. Many lovebirds, friends and family members were surprised with a package including two bottles of Gracias Beer, a rose, a candle and a lovely homemade cupcake. We loved to see all happy faces on this LOVEly Sunday! 

    Dam tot Damloop 

    Due to COVID-19 measures, the Dam tot Dam loop 2021 unfortunately got cancelled. However, we managed to organise an alternative run at the Amsterdamse Bos on the 19th of September. In collaboration with RunningHolland, this event resulted in a great success! Over 100 participants ran either 5.3km, 10.7km or 16,1km and everyone made it to the finish line. An incredible amount of €3.268,- has been raised during this amazing day!

    BeneKids would like to thank not only all the runners and their sponsors, but also RunningHolland for their collaboration. Furthermore, we would like to thank Hotelschool The Hague for sponsoring the t-shirts! Lastly, a big thanks to HealthClubOpenAir for training our group of passionate runners, by providing free bootcamps in Rembrandt park.